$23000 for A HairCut, See What’s So Special About It

The world has now become stylish. The hairstyle is an essential thing for expressing the fashionable style. Nowadays, you will be able to get a lot of hairstyles in the saloon. They are really awesome and very unique. These haircuts make people stylish. Hair-cut has become a significant fact in expressing fashion and style; the barbers are also making a lot by these trendy haircuts. One of those most popular is Jawed Habib, an Indian, and he has more than 1000 saloons in India, and he has now established his own company in India.

These haircuts take 700$ to 23000$. But can you imagine what is unique about it? It is shocking to know about the amount of money. But the rich and renowned people are regularly investing their lot of money in managing their haircut. All the saloons don’t take this significant amount of money. Some specialized saloons and specialized barbers take a lot of money from 700$ to 23000$. They are enough graduates and are experts in haircutting. They are not now considered as a barber; they are now known as a hair designer. That’s why they have a lot of demand in developed countries. Let’s learn about some of the barbers who charge from 700$ to 23000$ for a haircut. We will also know about their specialty in these hair designers.

1. Ken Modestou

Ken Modestou is one of the most famous and renowned hairstylists in the world. Do you know what his charge is for a single haircut? His demand for a single haircut is 23000$. But why so much expensive he is? Once upon a time, his hair designing was liked so much by the sultan of Brunei. Brunei’s sultan loved his hair cutting styles very much, and he decided on this excellent hairstylist in Brunei. Then Ken Modestou agreed, but he said that he had to pay high for each haircut. Brunei’s sultan agreed, and he said that he must be the permanent hairstylist for the sultan, and he is ready to bear all the expenses of Ken Modestou. Then Ken Modestou told the rate of 23,000$ for each haircut and said that the sultan must pay all its costs. Then the sultan agreed as he has liked the hair cutting style of Ken Modestou. It is the most expensive haircut in the world. Now you can think about what is unique in this haircut? He is only the hair designer of Brunei’s sultan, and he is very expert in haircutting. His designs are unique, and you will not be able to find any other hairstyle like that in the world. That’s his specialty, and that’s why the sultan of Brunei pays him so high. You will never be able to cut your hair through Ken Modestou as he has done in an agreement with the sultan of Brunei that he will not design any other person’s hair without the sultan of Brunei. This hair designer flies in high-level airlines even for the trimming of the sultan of Brunei. So, I think now you have successfully understood the value of Ken Modestou.

2. Stuart Phillips

He is also on the list of top hair designers in the world. He is very expert in hair designing, and he has long-term experience in hair designing and hair cutting. He has a lot of clients, and there are always considerable people in his saloon. He mostly designs the hair of the top celebrities and wealthy people. He charges almost 16000$ for every hair-ct. His hair designs are unique and perfect. That’s why he has gained so much popularity and value. You will be astonished after watching the haircutting of this awesome hair designer. He was now coming back to his specialty. Do you know why he is so popular and superior to his clients? He uses some special hair gels and unique hair products that you will never find outside his saloon. He also gifts some effects to his clients, and that makes the client happy. He is very famous worldwide, and that’s why he is getting paid so high as an immense amount of 16,000$.

3. Rossano Ferretti

He is also one of the most famous and renowned hair-designer in the world. He generally designs the hair of the queens and prominent women. He is very expert in hair designing. He has completed the hair designing course from a renowned university in London, and that’s great. He charges about 10000$ for every haircut, and he is very famous as his hair cutting style s awesome. You will indeed be surprised after watching the hair cutting style of this fabulous hair designer. Most of the women’s dreams to cut their hair from this hair designer as his haircutting technique are unique. Do you know what’s exceptional in his air cutting? He is fast, reliable, and smoothly cuts your hair in a perfect style. There is a lot of hair design templates to show in his saloon, and you will exactly get the ideal scenario in your hair that you have seen in the photo, and that’s why he is so much widespread and costly.

 4. Ted Gibson

Ted Gibson is also a very famous designer personality globally, and he has a vast number of regular clients. He takes 950$-1600$ for every haircut, which is not much compared to the first three hair designers on the list. But he is very renowned and can easily design your hair correctly. You will be able to get a perfect hairstyle through him. The cause of his popularity is social media and TV shows. He is famous because of his appearance on these two platforms. He shoots his haircutting videos and then posts them on social media, and he sometimes appears on his favorite TV shows, and that’s why he is very famous. Moreover, his excellent work has made him more famous. He has to struggle a lot in the beginning as he was not getting enough clients. He decided to post the videos on social media, and that made him famous. Now he is a successful hair designer.

5. Orlando Pita

Orlando Pita is also a famous hair designer who lives in Manhattan. He owns a salon in Manhattan. He is very famous in Manhattan. The people love his hair design, and he is very renowned there. He also uses some unique hair products which can’t be found outside his saloon. The hair products are useful, and you will be satisfied after using those products. He is very passionate and can design your hair correctly within a minute. He takes about 800$ for every haircut, which is not much for renowned and wealthy people. But his haircutting style is fantastic, and that’s why he is very famous today.

So, I think you have successfully understood why this hair designer’s charge is a significant amount of money as 2300$. They are fantastic with their perfect workflow. You will be stunned after watching their haircuts. That’s why they are widespread and costly too. You will be able to get more information about them and their hair cutting style on the internet. They are very famous on social media. That’s all.

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